The great Green Belt sell off

29 March 2018

The great Green Belt sell off – developers and landowners set to pocket millions: Green MEP Keith Taylor visits Redhill housing sites

SCC Plastics-free

25 March 2018

Green Councillor Jonathan Essex is celebrating after Surrey County Council unanimously passed a motion to tackle the scourge of single-use-plastics and to adopt a strategy to end their use in Surrey.

SCC Budget Feb18

07 February 2018

“Invest in recycling in Surrey, not a retail park in Loughborough”: Greens propose budget changes.

Surrey County Council Budget

23 January 2018

Surrey County Council’s financial problems are set to continue as a Council Tax rise of 6% was announced, as well as £66 million of spending reductions required in the next financial year. Let’s demand better funding for Councils and invest in services for a better future.

Surrey CC seeks incinerators in Green Belt

10 January 2018

"Surrey's Waste Plan to 2033 is open for consultation until February 7th The link is given below.. It proposes 3-6 incinerators in the Green Belt which will reduce recycling, just when Surrey was doing so well at it. But the plan doesn't make that clear. To help with your response we've produced a briefing- link given below.

Airport Expansion Consultation Response

19 December 2017

Cllr Jonathan Essex, on behalf of Surrey Greens, has submitted a response to the Government consultation on airport expansion. It has been seeking views on the revised draft Airports National Policy Statement. Green MEPs Keith Taylor (SE England) and Jean Lambert (London) have also sent in their views.

Our Green Councillor tackles two budgets in one day

24 November 2017

Cllr Jonathan Essex tackles two budgets in one day

SCC Investment

24 November 2017

National data released last week has revealed that Surrey County Council is investing over £159 million in the fossil fuel industry through their management of the council pension fund [1]. Campaigners say the controversial investments threaten the climate and also represent an unacceptable financial risk to pension-holders.

Record number of Greenparty Candidates!!!

09 April 2017

Newly Published list of Greenparty Candidates reveals fourfold increase in number of candidates stood.

Surrey Manifesto 2017 Launched

26 March 2017

Greenparty Launch it's Manifesto for Surrey 2017 Country Council Elections which focuses on our ECONOMY, ENVIRONMENT, TRANSPORT, PUBLIC SERVICES and ETHICS & DEMOCRACY.

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