Response to Consultation on Airport Expansion Dec 2017

19 December 2017

Cllr Jonathan Essex, on behalf of Surrey Greens, has submitted a response to the Government consultation on airport expansion. It has been seeking views on the revised draft Airports National Policy Statement. Green MEPs Keith Taylor and Jean Lambert have also sent in their views.

In particular Cllr Essex draws attention to discrepancies between the draft Statement and the original Airports Commission report on expanding Heathrow:

He says "it appears that the UK Government now plans to exceed the passenger-km in the Airports Commission report in 2050 by 23.1% and number of passenger movements by 2050 by around 11.8%. This would equate to an increase in annual CO2 emissions from 37.5MtCO2/year to around 42-46 MtCO2/year (depending on whether it correlates more closely to plane or seat-km... This is a completely unconstrained vision for aviation growth that is not accountable in terms of its climate impacts".

You can see the full text of Cllr Essex's submission here; and the text of Keith Taylor MEP's response here.

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