North Surrey Green Party

Contact Liz Mansfield, 07753 826615; Meets on first Wednesdays.

In Green Party terms, by North Surrey we mean the boroughs of Elmbridge, Runnymede, and Spelthorne - roughly the area bounded by London and Berkshire to the N, by Woking to the S, and stretching E as far as Thames Ditton, Esher and Cobham. 

Local Election Candidates


Borough Ward  Candidate
Elmbridge  Esher  Laura Harmour
   Hersham South  Olivia Palmer
   Hersham North  Dan Fleming
   Oatlands Park  Nick Davis
   Thames Ditton  Finula Farruggia 
Runnymede Addlestone Bourneside  Susie Maguire 
  Englefield Green East Frederick Hoareau
   Englefield Green West  Glenn Mealing
Spelthorne  Ashford North & Stanwell South Gordon Douglas
  Ashford Town  Rupert Jackson
   Riverside & Laleham  Elizabeth Mansfield and
Steve Trafford
  Staines  Jenny Vinson
   Stanwell North Paul Jacobs



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This part of Surrey boasts a proud history of radicalism, from the Barons at Runnymede forcing King John to relinquish his monopoly on power to Gerard Winstanley leading the Diggers on Weybridge's St. George's Hill. We have been developing policy on local issues, and have good relations with the local Greenpeace group.


Although the airport itself is outside Surrey, its impact - including on global climate change - reaches well into the county. More flights would mean more noise over Staines and Egham, more risk of accidents and so more pressure on Ashford and St. Peter's hospitals, and more traffic on the M25 and other local roads. 

A new rail link has been proposed between Staines and Heathrow, with through trains to Guildford and Reading. We are calling for any new plans for rail links to Heathrow to take into account local needs as well as airport needs, as has happened to some extent at Gatwick. We are for example calling for the Guildford trains to provide a worthwhile north-south link within Surrey, as well as with the airport, and the Reading ones to be routed further north to avoid putting a strain on local level crossings. 

For information on Green Party activities in N Surrey contact Rustam Majainah - phone: 07906 083213 
or e-mail: rusgm "at" .