General Election 2019 - Green Party Candidates

These were our Green Party candidates in the General Election on 12th December 2019


East Surrey - Joseph Booton


Joseph Booton Parliamentary candidate


Joseph Booton grew up and lives in the local area, works in Reigate in the insurance sector and performs Punch & Judy shows. He was a Green Party candidate in the recent Borough elections in Redhill, where he beat the Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates. 

Joseph is committed to protecting the Green Belt as well as local parks and open spaces from development. He will stand up for future generations by protecting our climate from the threats posed by Gatwick and oil drilling. Joseph will campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit, stand up for our vital public services, and fight for affordable housing for all.

Epsom and Ewell - Janice Baker


Janice says: “what drove me into politics in my twenties was volunteering in community projects around Sutton, and campaigning against apartheid and racism.  Grassroots movements led into two years as a volunteer at the Pan African Institute for Development, Cameroon. The injustices in international relations were stark, wrecking the land, soil, lives and rights of all but the powerful rich.  I’ve been back in Ewell, then Epsom, for 28 years, in university and college posts before setting up a local school teaching English as a Foreign Language.  Through that, I’m able to support Epsom Refugee Network in a practical way”.

Janice is on the steering group of Divest Surrey to end Surrey County Council investment in gas and oil completely, is working with others to set up Sustainable Epsom and is passionate about animal rights and opposed to factory farming. 


Mole Valley - Lisa Scott-Conte

Lisa has been a Mole Valley resident for 15 years, spearheading such projects as Community Speed Watch and low-traffic residential areas. 

Lisa was motivated to move in to politics when Mole Valley became the target of unwelcome interest from the oil exploration industry which further threatens the air we breathe, Green Belt, and perpetuates the climate breakdown we are already experiencing. Lisa has worked to improve cycling and walking infrastructure and accessibility and public transport.

Lisa believes passionately that the key to a positive future is through strong local communities, protecting and promoting local trades, businesses and services to create local jobs for local people. Lisa supports a Work From Home culture to reduce the pressure to commute. Less commuting time means we get to spend more time in the place we live, with our families.

Lisa is a keen home cook, allotmenter and travels by bike whenever possible.

Reigate - Jonathan Essex

Jonathan is a chartered civil engineer and environmentalist, and has served as an active councillor in Redhill since 2010.

He says, “I will fight to protect our Green Belt and Surrey countryside, for fairer rail and bus fares and for planning rules requiring zero-carbon and truly affordable homes.

“We need a fairer Britain and tough action on climate change. This means shifting from our throw-away society, standing against oil drilling and airport expansion, and pushing for properly funded public services – youth and children’s centres, social care, schools and the NHS.”


Runnymede and Weybridge - Benjamin Smith

Benjamin is a Runnymede resident and believes strongly in local democratic accountability. He is standing to offer the residents of Runnymede and Weybridge a truly radical agenda, putting the climate at the heart of everything he does. 


A young professional in the arts, he believes that the Greens are the only party capable of saving this country from further ecological disaster. Along with a strong Remain and Reform stance with the EU. Ben is currently company manager for Jane Eyre at the Blackeyed Theatre. 

Spelthorne - Paul Jacobs

I have lived in Spelthorne for most of my life, and have enjoyed serving as a school governor and working in the community. Spelthorne is the most polluted borough in Surrey. The major cause is traffic from motorways and major roads as well as pollution from Heathrow. The response from Heathrow and Spelthorne council is to grab as much green belt and open green spaces as they can for development, when in fact we need to triple the number of trees on these sites to absorb pollution and make these sites more available for public access and community use. 

Spelthorne needs an MP who will help our borough with the problems of flooding, as well as opposing Heathrow expansion, championing transport alternatives and ensuring employment offers fair wages. Our NHS and schools and services all need proper funding; austerity which has rewarded those already very wealthy, has simply not worked. The Green Pary's "Green New Deal" will bring many more jobs across the country and effectively combat climate change.



Surrey Heath -  Sharon Galliford

 As a long time resident (41 years) of Surrey Heath and a Borough Councillor, I have insight and good knowledge of local concerns. I introduced a Climate Emergency motion ensuring climate issues are prioritised and underpin all actions we take for our future. I will continue to address congestion, air pollution, over development and rising crime. I oppose the expansion of Heathrow and the development of Fairoaks. With a professional background in mental and physical health I assure you I will fight for the NHS and free health care for all. Brexit has overshadowed all policy for too long. We need a second referendum on any deal. 


Woking - Ella Walding


My name is Ella Walding and I am standing as a Green Party Candidate in Woking because I believe radical change is needed if we are to protect the Earth and the people and other species that live on it.

I can no longer tolerate the lip service paid to the climate emergency by those in power and the levels of inequality our politicians are imposing. 

We need to disrupt the system and make something better and bolder, where people are happy and cared for and where planet-friendly choices are at the centre of everything we do.

I believe that the Green Party is the only party with a radical enough agenda to deliver this change. I want the people of Woking to have the chance to vote Green, so we can create a community that people feel proud to live in.